About Us


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At Passing Paws we realize that losing a pet is like the loss of a family member, that is why we treat every pet as if they were our own. Compassion and respect begins the minute your departed loved one is in our care.  We are passionate people who are passionate about what we do. 


Who We Are...

Passing Paws opened its doors in August of 2017 by Lisa & her two daughters; Courtney & Brooklyn. The 3 have had pets their entire lives and have worked in the pet industry for over 11 years. When the 3 heard about the gentle and green process of aquamation they had a "ah-ha" moment in which they knew this is what they wanted to do. They wanted to help the pet owners of Saskatoon during their time of grief and doing so with a process that respects your loved one as well as Mother Nature.


Creating Change...

In todays society, we live in a era of change, opportunity and options. When we learned that the pet aftercare industry had no options whatsoever and that cremation was the only choice, we realized there had to be more out there. We did some research and learned about aquamation and how different it is than cremation, being gentle, using water, and the extreme environmental benefits that aquamation has over cremation. We immediately fell in love with aquamation and began the process of opening our doors, and over 1 year of doing so, we finally opened.